Online Marketing Resources

You know what, I became a PC Gamer since I was 7 years old. One thing gamers ask other gamers is, the Gaming Rig which means the marvelous world behind their gaming life – System Specifications. Just like that, many people specially those who are still new to online marketing world asks, “What tools or services do you use?” type of question.

So I thought to create a list of tools and services we use to build our online business and our websites. Nevertheless this online marketing resources list doesn’t contain anything that we don’t use to build our online lairs.


I bought my first hosting plan ($9.95) March 14th of 2012 for this website. Since then I haven’t switched my hosting company even for a once, because I bought from the best Shared Hosting company.

Yeah! All my shared hosting needs are fulfilled by HostGator as you’ve heard. In my life of working with client websites, I have worked with many different hosts so far.

I’d like to add BlueHost and GoDaddy to my recommended list here.

Other hosts I’ve worked with are DreamHost, iPage, 1and1, JustHost and many other local hosting companies. BUT I couldn’t be satisfied with all those hosting companies for one reason or another. Therefore, I’m not recommending any of the hosting companies in this paragraph.

Domain Names

Again I bought my 1st domain name exactly on the previous date which I’ve purchased hosting. There are few domain name registrars I trust, but all my domain names are purchased through NameCheap which is the place this domain also purchased.

Other than NameCheap I recommend Network Solutions and GoDaddy.

Blogging Platforms

ScorpionGod Lair was started on BlogSpot platform and later switched to WordPress. Therefore my favorite blogging platforms list contain 3 platforms,

  • Self-Hosted
  • Hosted

There are many other blogging platforms such as Drupal, but I don’t use them for any of my online businesses.

Web Browsers

I’m a WordPress Developer so eventually I have to use couple of browsers in my work. If you ask me what’s my favorite browser, then it goes to Mozilla’s Firefox web browser. I’m using it since the v2 and now its v34. Unbelievable!

I use following browsers in my work process,

Browser Addons

We can’t survive without some extra functionality to the stock web browser. That’s where I use following browser addons almost everyday in my work. All the below addons are available for Firefox browser and may or may not be available for other browsers.

Google PageSpeed for FF is not appearing in the Google PageSpeed extension page, but there was a one and now it’s not working since FF v30.


Anyone who uses computers use couple of software in their everyday life. Following list contains almost all the software I use to work.

SEO Tools & Websites

As a SEO I have to use many SEO tools for various tasks and evaluations. You don’t have to be a SEO to use some of these tools and websites.


WordPress Themes

I’m a Genesis Developer and ScorpionGod Lair works very closely with Genesis Framework when it comes to dealing with client projects. When I started ScorpionGod Lair back in 2012, I didn’t use any other WordPress theme. I started my WordPress life directly with Genesis themes.

When there is Genesis, I never recommend any other WordPress Theme Framework because Genesis is the big deal which can defeat all other theme frameworks out there on the market.

I learned about Genesis when I first started to read Darren’s In other words if it not for Darren I may not use Genesis in the first place when I’m starting this site.

WordPress Plugins

Just like I have a list of favorite browser addons, I got some crazy WordPress plugins. I’m pretty sure you will love these plugins quickly.

Educational Blogs

When I started to learn online marketing first, I found Daniel’s DailyBlogTips and stick to it for a long time, even today sometimes. Then I found the big blogger Darren who’s the guy behind Problogger. These 2 people are the 1st teachers of me as an online marketer and a blogger.

Addition to them, now I’m reading following blogs whenever I have the time and have subscribed to few of them.

Here is another nice website for blogging beginners,

Monetization Programs

Almost any online marketer blogger starts without having his own products to sell. So the obvious strategy to make money online for this type of person is to use monetization programs. I still do use some monetization programs in this website and on my other websites. Here are my favorite programs to make some solid bucks …

Social Media Sites

No one is away from social media websites even those sites can be a dangerous place which kills your focus, sometimes! In the beginning I used only the Facebook, but these days I have decided to use following social media sites mainly for every website I create.

My System Specification

As the last section of this online marketing resource guide, I thought to reveal you about my system details. I used a HP Pavilion G6 laptop until last October. Now I’m using following goodies to work everyday!