Secret Backlinks Strategy Revealed to Get More

Backlinks are the Votes for a website

Backlinks are the votes for your website.

Over the past 15 years Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo & Bing evolved with a lot of improvements to their Ranking Algorithms. Backlinks are a result of such evolution. There’s a fact,

Popularity is gained by Popularity.

Don’t get amazed at the fact, because it’s so true to believe. It simply means that you can receive higher Exposure and Popularity when you DO have some popularity.

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8 Reasons Why You Need to Rely on Google Adsense

Benefits of Google Adsense
Google Adsense is a legend of PPC Advertising programs since the beginning. Adsense has been a title for Newspapers and Online Magazines due to its performance in the industry.

Lot of people earn their Living Income with Google Adsense and those people too was featured on Public Media. If you are blogging for money, certainly you know what is Google Adsense? Then what are the benefits of Adsense? Why it is Rocks every time and every second? Why it is so tough for the cheaters?

There are so many answers to these questions. It’s not the right time to answer them here!

You can’t drive a car, until you learn,  practice and familiar with it.

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Blogger vs WordPress, The Fair Comparison

Image of Scorpion vs Subzero to show the battle of Blogger vs WordPress battle

Now there are hundreds of services that let you build your dream blog with a single click. Even there are loads and loads of Blog Platforms coming everyday, the giants of the blog platforms are Blogger and WordPress which is why I chose to write about Blogger vs WordPress – Self-Hosted – comparison.

Remember Scorpion is the WordPress and Subzero is the Blogger. 😉

However, If you said me to name a few of other blog platforms, I’d like to mention Tumblr, Posterous, Wix too. Remember here I’m not going to talk about these stuff, but only the Blogger vs WordPress comparison to show you which is the best.

Blogger is a free web-based platform run by Google. While WordPress has 2 versions called WP Hosted Solution & WP Self-Hosted Solution and WordPress is managed by Automattic.

Here it is the comparison of Blogger vs WordPress Self-Hosted solution.

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8 Common Internet Marketing Misconceptions

A coin has two sides, One side is called Head while the other one called Tail.

It tells something really valuable to you. Everything has two sides. Most of the ‘Actions’ has Conceptions & Misconceptions. You need to concentrate on Misconceptions little more than Conceptions …

Because, Misconceptions can destroy your Success in no time as long as you are sticking with those incorrect beliefs. That’s the main reason behind the unsuccessful persons of Internet Marketing.

Therefore, I want you to be successful Internet Marketer by eliminating these 8 common and crazy online marketing misconceptions right now.
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10 Reasons Why You Should Start an Online Business

Benefits Of Online Business
Online Business is a very popular phrase these days. Everyone talks about it and writes about it and few wants to do it. But what’s that importance of starting an Online Business. In other words, what are the benefits of a successful Online Business over Offline Business or being a slave – Day Job.

Couple of days ago I wrote about Internet Marketing and it’s sub industries to give you the outline of an Online Business. Starting an Online empire won’t cost you lots, If you know the Road & you have the stuff which it takes to go there.

Give you a little spark in making your 1st commitment, I’d like to show you the Real Benefits of this kind of a business.

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