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We’re ScorpionGod Lair! We provide Online Marketing Tips and Services to make your Small Business web presence larger. This is our Press Lair, so it’s about our Brand guidelines, HQ Logos and mentions about us all around the world.

ScorpionGod Lair is our Trademark.
You can pronounce ScorpionGod Lair as scorpion-god-lair which gives the meaning of our place.

Please when you want to mention us, it’s always a good habit to use Trademark symbol after ScorpionGod Lair™
and please don’t mention us by using incorrect ways such as ‘ScorpionGodLair’ etc.

Did you notice those 3 Capital letters in our name? So please don’t type our name all simple letters. Meaning you must make S, G & L Capital all the time you mention us in your website or newspaper.

If you’d like to call us by our short and sweet name, then you can use “SGL”. However, We’re very likely to hear about us by using the name ScorpionGod Lair™ in your place.!

When you feel it doesn’t make sense by mentioning us with letters, then it’s the time to use our High Quality Logos. We’ve created nice looking HD Logos in various types such as Transparent, Black & White, White Background, Black Background to help you cut your own edits…!

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