Enhanced Commenting Method For Better Rewards

Comments!… You love to have comments in your posts and Others too. Other bloggers also love to have comments in their posts. But many people don’t use this thing for their benefit.

You can’t be a blogger alone.

You need to make blogging relationship with each other. Blog commenting can be mention as one way to build blog relationship. But you can get more than this thing from Blog commenting. To make sure you grab all the things you can get from it is to write a Good Optimized  Blog Comment.

There are many benefits you can grab by Blog Commenting.

  1. You can make a good Blog Relationship.
  2. You can get a Backlink – No matter It’s No-follow Or Do-follow.
  3. You can get some Traffic from an Optimized blog comment.
  4. You can get post ideas.
  5. Long term investment.

I don’t get any more benefits now. But I think these things will be enough to carry on. You can get these things with a single comment. Ya it’s true, Only If it’s well optimized and well placed.

You may be commented on blogs before reading this article too. But there might be mistakes on those comments. If you wrote low quality comment, then you don’t grab all the gifts. Everyone knows Blogger is more popular when it comes to blogging, But WordPress is more popular when it comes to Real Professional Blogging. That means all the beginners start using blogger platform.

Beginner Advice

Blogspot Comment Form OptionsThis paragraph for beginner bloggers. Normally default blogger blog commenting form has these options to choose when you’re going to comment. As you can see in the picture, You have all these options to select. That’s the point where bad thing start to lose beginner bloggers commenting efforts.  You can grab #1 and #4 benefits by using any one of these options (without Anonymous).  If you want other 3 benefits also, then definitely you need to use the best option from their. The best option is Name/URL one.

When you comment using one of the options except Name/URL your comment links to that profile. For example, You comment on my blogger blog using your Google Account, Then when I visit the linked page, It is our Google Profile. That means if you use any other method than Name/URL you’ll link to those profile owned sites like FaceBook, Google, WordPress, Typepad and so on some instances. You’re link building for those sites unknowingly. So damn and waste of time. If you used to comment as this way, please now stop it.

The Best Blog Commenting Form

I recommend Name/URL option when commenting on default blogger blog comment form. And always I admire comment forms which are using this structure. The structure is;
Best Comment Form

The best comment structure is like this. All the benefits of a REAL comment can be achieve by this comment form. My direct advice is to only use blogs which use this structure in comment form. In blogger you need to choose this from the given options, But in WordPress blogs you don’t have to choose anything. All you have to do is filling the spaces. WordPress blogs default comment form is using this structure. Sometimes you may be know about this.

Filling The Spaces Of Blog Commenting Form

When it comes to filling, you have to think about number of things. There are comment type called Spams. Think John is a spammer, then he fills these spaces like this way.

Name: JohnMarketing or one of his keywords- Internet Marketing

URL: http://wwww.johnmarketing.com

Comment: Hi your post is great. I love this. I want more. Thanks

That’s the way spammers do their tasks. But Will it get approved? Will it receive the benefits?

I can say it’ll be accepted by very small bloggers but not by large popular blogs. Ya it will receive the benefits but not all the ones. Spammy comment can’t do anything. So don’t be a spammer.

You can get little SEO things from these crappy comments. But It’s also put you in a risk. You can use Primary Keyword – your main keyword for your blog when it is searched your blog must come up if well optimized. in the name field of the comment form but it looks spammy. but you can build good backlinks using this way. Anyway It’s Spammy Act. Don’t do it.

What is a Perfect Comment?

A Perfect comment means a perfect writeup.  The comment which adds something to the post, or honest idea about the content can be called a perfect comment. Before you start to write comments ask these questions from you.

  1. Did I read the post completely? If not read the post. If you feel You can’t Read, Then simply Do Not comment.
  2. What Opinion I got about the Post? If you didn’t get a one. Read it again and summarize your opinion.

Now start to write your comment. You can add your honest opinion about the post. If you’re new visitor to the blog write it in comment form and introduce you to the community. If the post missing something that must be in that post, Definitely mention that thing in your comment. Your feeling and how it helped you to meet your goals. If you add all these things you will have a cracking comment which supplies all the benefits at the end. Write atleast 4 line comment to make it good.

If you write all your comments according to facts I mentioned above, you’ll never write comments like

Good Post! Keep it Up.

Great one. I love it.

Awesome Post

So that means You’re not a looking spammy in your comment body. But still you can be caught as a spammer from the Name field. Make sure to use your name in the Name field. If you want to add Keywords too. Then use this structure.

Shyam @ScorpionGod Lair

There are plugins to make the linking part only to the keyword you use. Such as KeywordLuv. So try to find blogs which use such plugins. There’s one plugin called CommenLuv. It also adds something more to your comment.

Blog Finding System

You can use PRchecker to check PageRank of a blog. If you use Google Toolbar it also offer to watch Pr of the pages you surf. Now make a list of blogs in spreadsheet. Try to build your list within PR4 – PR7 blogs.

There is a site called DropMyLink. You can use this site to find many useful related blogs. This blog uses certain google search phrases to find those blogs. You’ll understand it when you’re using it.

The best way to find related blogs to your niche is searching on Google for niche related keywords. If your niche is gaming.

PC games, Video games, Gaming hints, Gaming cheats and so on.

If you feel blog finding part is difficult and I need to write more about that part too. I finished that part already in my The Secret Strategy To Grab More Backlinks

Did I missed something?Tell me in Comments sections.

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