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It’s been a couple of months I started to follow my To-Do list for ScorpionGod Lair and I had a passion to create a WordPress Plugin someday. Yeah! I know that someday might not come for most of the people, but somehow I managed to make that ‘someday’ yesterday. I created my first ever WordPress Plugin…!

Yes! I made it by spending 2 whole days to write, update and launch. I’m really happy about my 1st Plugin and had a headache experience with WordPress Repository SVN thing.

There weren’t any killer tutorial which explained each of the steps clearly, but after some research I managed to solve my SVN issue and the Plugin is now live at WordPress Plugins Repository for all of you.

SEO Advicer Live Action Screenshot

SEO Advicer Live Action Screenshot

SEO Advicer, Name of the 1st Plugin

Actually, SEO Advicer does the task of providing various SEO Actions to the website owner, so he can implement those action points to make his website more powerful in SEO.

SEO Advicer is developed to provide SEO Advices of both types. Means you can receive OnSite SEO actions and OffSite SEO actions. Simply if you have guts to do what is suggested by this plugin time to time, you’ll make it to the higher in Google Search Engine Results Page (SERPs) positions. It’s a guarantee only IF you follow what is being displayed to you over the time.

Since both OnSite & OffSite SEO tips are provided by the plugin you could easily improve your website such as Performance, Loading Time, Usability, Navigation and many other factors that needs to be improved under OnSite SEO. For the OffSite SEO you’ll see Link Building Strategies, best practices and perfect plans from time to time.

Okay, you can download the up-to-date version from the Official WordPress Repository Page.

What’s Next…

The first version of the SEO Advicer Plugin is released with little amount of SEO Action Points. This Version 1.0 contains,

  • 40+ SEO Action Points.
  • Some fancy styles to display.

However, I have planned to update this plugin to deliver more thriving SEO Tips which will be relevant to the Industry best practices and Strategies. This plugin delivers only WhiteHat SEO Tips and it’ll be strictly same in the future too.

If you read each Action Point or SEO Tip displayed in the top center of the WordPress Dashboard, you’d learn most of the things about SEO. This means by using SEO Advicer Plugin you’ll gain regular updates about SEO Industry. At that point, it’s good to be used by even SEO Service Providers too.

As a WordPress Blogger or Internet Marketer you don’t need to forget what’s your Goal and what’s the To-Do list for your website improvement. Therefore this plugin can be a nice reminder for you to work for your Goals. There is a big probability of doing what you see more often that you should do. That’s why I read my To-Do List everyday morning to make me motivate enough to continue for my Goals.

I’d like, If you could…

Yes, tell me what you’re feeling about my first WordPress Plugin to deliver SEO Tips. Perhaps, you need to have something nice in my SEO Advicer Plugin, I’d be glad so much if you could tell me that suggestion too. If I’m capable of delivering what you want, I’ll definitely do it in this plugin or by creating another WordPress Plugin.

Finally, I’d like to invite you to download and check out my first WordPress Plugin now and Review it by spending few seconds of your valuable time. That makes me happy, that makes me motivate and that means you’ll get more from me in the near future.

Now go here to download and review SEO Advicer Plugin on WP Repository.

Once you checked, If you think that your website readers will get something from this plugin why not spread this Free SEO Advicer Plugin in one of your articles… :)


  1. says

    Hi Shyam, Tried out your plugin. Earlier it was showing all the tips on each page. After the recent update there is now only one tip on each page. If you mak each tip a hyperlink so that it is explained better as a blog post it will be more useful.

    Not I know some aspect of SEO I understand what they mean. For a layman it will be difficult to take action just based on the tip. Thanks for a good plugin.

    • says

      Hey! Thanks for checking SEO Advicer plugin. Displaying all the SEO advices at once was a small bug of the plugin. That update was to fix it, so you’re not getting filled with so many advices at once.

      I appreciate your idea for creating well-explained posts for every advice, I’ll add it to my To-Do list for 2014.

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